Project Feature: Thrift Store in REO Town

Walk Up_After

Understatement of the year: owning a brick-and-mortar shop is a ton of work. The following is a before and after featuring a locally-owned business - Blue Onyx Thrift - in Reo Town, Lansing.

Project Overview:  Tiffany is an entrepreneur, mom of two, and the owner of a little shop called Blue Onyx Thrift. She has a constant influx of clothing, accessories, shoes, and items such as lighting and home décor that must be managed and sorted on a regular basis.

Store Aesthetic: The  store location is a reclaimed warehouse in the heart of REO Town, which is a historic district in Lansing that recently experienced a renaissance.

The clothing racks are sorted by clothing type and include a wide variety of styles and sizes, with an edge towards unique and vintage finds. 

Behind the service and jewelry counter a is a storage area that she wanted to organize in way that created a clutter-free backdrop to the check-out area. The area also needed to provide storage for seasonal and incoming items before they move onto the store floor. 

Main Goal:  Create a storage solution tucked behind a flight of stairs that is both functional and aesthetically-pleasing, that also serves as a staging/sorting location for new items. 

Blue Onyx Before After.jpg

Strategy:  Remove all bins and items from the storage area and then return only items that will be kept. We sorted items by season and type. We added dry-erase labels in order to create an editable system that could be adjusted as the contents of the bins changed over time. We worked to style the space with what she had on hand to reflect the eclectic look and feel of her store and personal style.  

The space behind the counter needed to be purged and sorted in order to house shopping bags, gift cards, and craft supplies used to create shop signs.

Desk Before After.jpg

New Purchases: We used what Tiffany had in the store.

Timeline:  One session of 4 hours with Tiffany and I working side-by-side.

After Space.jpg
Lina Chapman