Have you ever called the process of tidying up your home magic? Life changing?

I read (or rather listened to) The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo in the spring of 2018. I listened in the car on my way to and from work each day. I soaked it in. It made sense. I love how books come to you just when you need to read the words. Synchronicity.

Some parts were a little far out, like thanking my purse for a job well-done and emptying it each night to give it rest. But I enjoyed the methodical and orderly way the book was written. I loved the idea of finding every single pen in my house and only keeping the ones I truly loved or cared to write with, thanking the rest and releasing them from my space. I loved the folding, so purposeful, intentional, and thankful. Everything in your home should be full of gratitude, love, beauty, and purpose. I loved the order of it all.

There are many tutorials on folding and how to organize your home the “konmari” way, so I won’t try to duplicate any of that. But I will leave you with what I’ve gleaned from the book and what I try to practice in my own home:

  1. Everything should have a home/a place to rest.

  2. Only keep things that you love and that truly bring you joy.

  3. Some things can be kept just because they are useful.

  4. Fold clothes in a way so that you can see everything at once.

  5. It’s ok to let an item go once it has served it’s purpose for you. Let it go and allow someone else to enjoy it.

  6. Be careful about what you allow into your home as well. It needs a place, too.

  7. If you want your home to stay tidy, there’s no magic, just daily(ish) habits.

Lina Chapman